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“Love everyone at Avery Orthodontics! They are always so friendly and helpful. Dr. Barnett is great at what he does and takes his time to make sure you’ll get the best outcome.” — Kelly W.

“The staff is very professional, nice, friendly, and displays excellent customer service. I’ve been going there for eight years and their professionalism has remained the same. When you make an appointment, they always try to get you out in a timely manner.” — Nora V.

“Avery Orthodontics is such a great place. I have loved taking my son here. I would highly recommend that you see Dr. Barnett for any orthodontic needs!!” — Tamara B.

“I would highly recommend Dr. Barnett and his staff for any of your orthodontic needs. They are very professional and provide quick treatment. We have two great smiles as proof.” — Morgan G.

“Avery Orthodontics is a very friendly place; the staff was very patient and passionate about their job. Everyone there made me feel welcome and at home while I had braces. I would highly recommend!!!!” — Faith F.

“We love Dr. Barnett and staff. The treatment plan was perfect. Dr. Barnett and Sherri made this a great experience. Sherri worked to establish a great rapport with my very shy son. He came to enjoy his appointments. Highly recommend!” — Vicki H-C.

“I am very pleased with Avery Ortho. The staff and Dr. Barnett are very courteous and professional. I have one child that went through the process of having braces and the process was simple without incident. Their system for points gives the patient incentive for maintaining their teeth between appointments. I have two other children that were told by a different provider they needed expanders. When I met with Dr. Barnett, he said there was not an immediate need. Overall, I would highly recommend Avery Ortho.” — Lisa C.

“Dr. Barnett and the staff at Avery Orthodontics made the process of getting Invisalign® very pleasant and easy. As an adult, getting cosmetic work done to improve your smile can be intimidating, but I immediately felt at ease and confident in my decision to use Avery Orthodontics, especially after having read wonderful reviews from current and previous patients. They are extremely accommodating when it comes to scheduling appointments, even if it’s last minute! I highly recommend them!” — Mary Z.

“All of our children have had their orthodontic work done by Dr. Barnett and his team. It is nice to enter an establishment were everybody knows who we are! Because we have been through this process three times, we can clearly see and also appreciate how Dr. Barnett customized our children’s orthodontic plans to meet their unique needs.” — Rachel C.

“I went to Avery Orthodontics and met Dr. Barnett and he changed my life. My smile looks perfect now. I would highly recommend this orthodontics because they know how to get the job done.” — Rigo P.